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Asking yourself the question ‘Why use WordPress?’

There are lots of website CMS out there, but why is WordPress is by far the most popular? In fact, it powers 60% of the entire internet!

The following list list are some of the important reasons why you should use WordPress (and how it can help your website grow).

WordPress Is SEO-Friendly

For all websites, WordPress SEO is super important. And one of the biggest reasons you should use WordPress is because of SEO-friendly it is. It’s easy to connect with powerful SEO plugins.

Flexible Functionality & Design Options

A major reason businesses  use WordPress is because you can extend the functionality to make it an extremely advanced site that does all sorts of cool things. Or, you can add just a few things to make it exactly what you want it to.

WordPress Is Secure

The WordPress platform was made with security in mind, and it is considered to be a very safe and secure platform to run a website. But just like many things in life, the internet can be an uncertain place.

It’s Scalable

WordPress is an awesome platform for enterprise businesses of literally any size. It can handle tons of visits at the same time.

What is WooCommerce?

WooCommerce is one of the best ecommerce store setups and runs on WordPress. It is an amazing tool that will help to create and manage an online store in a very simple way. It offers a great range of features such as secure payments shipping, inventory, and tax management, that will turn the whole process into a child’s play while keeping it professional.

WooCommerce isn’t a starter pack. It’s a professional platform that will perfectly fit your business once you expand and acquire your firm spot in the market as well.

It Grows With Your Business

When you are starting a new business, you have to think about its future. Keep in mind that success and expansion should be your only destination. Respectively when you are choosing a platform, you should consider this “tiny” factor. So, even though it’s small now, it has the potential of growing. Therefore, when you are picking a platform to realize your ideas, you should boil down to a scalable one that will support your store once it grows as well.

So, if you are a beginner in this field who also has big ambitions, WooCommerce is precisely what you need. With this plugin, you can leap from selling a limited number of products to many thousands and from serving a few customers per week to hundreds per second. All this without extra complexity and effort.

As mentioned in the previous paragraph, WooCommerce isn’t an amateur starter pack but a great tool that grows with your business without becoming a constraint. We believe that this should be another great reason to use this plugin while entering the world of ecommerce.

Strong Cybersecurity

While building an ecommerce business, you should pick a platform with maximum security and protection. For this exact reason, we find it important to highlight the fact that WooCommerce offers uncompromised cybersecurity putting the protection of your consumers’ data at the top of their scheme.

No Transaction Fees with third-party payment gateways

One of the biggest pros of WooCommerce is that unlike many other ecommerce platforms such as Shopify it does not charge any transaction fees when using a third-party payment gateway.

For instance, Shopify charges 2% for each transaction unless you use Shopify Payments. You can decrease this amount by switching to advanced subscription plans, but this comes at an extra cost.

Great for SEO

The main goal of SEO is to ensure that your website gets a decent rank in Google’s search results. If you fail to do this, there is a very small probability that your target audience will surf from page to page to find your store after typing keywords linked to your product. Therefore, SEO is one of the key rules in this online game.

WooCommerce is an excellent ecommerce platform that will make sure the right audience sees your store and products. It runs on a code optimized for SEO and offers an extensive amount of various plugins. Besides, WooCommerce also allows you to add detailed titles and meta descriptions to your pages.

What is Shopify?

Shopify offers an easy way to quickly launch an online store without the fuss over servers and development costs that can be incurred with self-hosted platforms such as Magento. The admin interface is clean and user-friendly and pretty intuitive because all the features are logically structured.

However, there is a catch.

Shopify’s front end/website design can be lacking and SEO harder to set up. Rather then having /about/, you need to have /page/about/ with Shopify. This can be frustrating when SEO is important. 

This is why Nahnu Cloud offers a hybrid WordPress and Shopify setup. 

Using a hybrid set up, we are able to leverage the best of both platforms.

Static Generated Website Option

Benefits of using WordPress + Shopify Hybrid is for e-commerce sites include the following: Security inherent in static sites. Blazing fast performance when your pages. 

Unmatched SEO

Using WordPress as the back bone of the website and Shopify as the backend of the ecommerce, we are able to have the power SEO functions of WordPress. 

Modern Feel

Your store can be built more creative with innovative web experiences and utilizing a modern design.

Customer Experience

WordPress + Shopify provides an eCommerce experience that rivals the best online shops in the world. With beautiful product layouts that are rich in features.

Professional Features

Add All the Features You Need


With Nahnu Cloud, if you can think of it, we work to create the exact web experience you need for your customers. Add as many features as you wish—without any limitations.

Modern Elements

Grab the Attention with a Unique Design


Designed with features and rich visual content to make your site look just right. Using your brand's custom color palettes, extensive font selections, and more advanced design features like CDN served videos, custom layouts, and your website looks exactly the way you want.

Premium Plugins

More Advanced Functionality


When you host with Nahnu Cloud, you gain access to all of our plugins. From performance to design, your website will have the features needed to create a 'wow factor'. 

Marketing and SEO

Drive More Traffic to Your Website


We set up your website for SEO success. Each page, product, project, and the smallest details. We provide all the marketing solutions and integrations you need to promote your website and get more eyes on your site.

Mobile Experience

Look Amazing With A Mobile-First Design


Ensure your site looks great on mobile with Nahnu Cloud's modern, beautifully designed layouts with built-in features to enhance your site on mobile for customer


Do you offer 24/7 support?

Your website is mission-critical! We are working to add 24/7, 365. At the moment, we monitor your website by pinging it every 60 seconds. If it fails to respond, our team is alerted and we go to work restoring it. 

Do you offer phone support?

Yes! Absolutely! We’re here to serve you via video meeting, screen share, text, and email support.

Do you have a free trial?

Not at the moment.

What makes you different? Why should I work with you?

We offer a fair price and most reliable way for a business owner not have to worry about their website! 

What happens if I cancel? How Do I cancel?

If you decide you no longer want to work with us, we will transfer your files and assets over to you. Any plugins that have been added to your site as part of our service will be removed. Plugins are licensed to Nahnu Cloud and can only be used by clients with whom we maintain an ongoing relationship.