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Nahnu Cloud goes beyond service; we’re your committed support team. With expert knowledge tailored to your needs, we ensure a smooth and thriving digital experience. Join us for a journey of dedicated support and excellence.

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How Does Support Work?

After your website goes live, Nahnu Cloud gifts you an hour of free support – no strings attached! What does this include? Stay tuned!

Requests under 1 hour

Need help with a quick adjustment? We are happy to provide free support to help with any minor edits needed for your website! This includes everything from text updates to photo adjustments and more! Fill out the form above.

Requests over 1 hour

Looking to expand or enhance your website with new features now that it’s live? We’ve got you covered! Let’s collaborate to grasp your vision and requirements. Following this, we’ll craft a detailed project scope for your approval. Once you give the green light, we’ll set your project in motion!

Monthly retainer

Did your experience with Nahnu Cloud during the build process leave a great impression? Want to keep this momentum going with regular website updates? Reach out to us today, and let’s explore a tailored monthly retainer plan that suits your needs

Support Resources at Your Fingertips

Empowering Your Website Journey

Explore our curated support library at Nahnu Cloud, brimming with essential tools for website mastery. From concise editing guides to engaging training videos, updated monthly for your success. Enhance your skills and navigate your website’s journey with confidence. Your path to digital success starts here.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is an SSL Certificate, and Why is it Important?

    An SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) certificate is a digital certificate that provides security for your website by encrypting data transferred between a server and a website visitor. It’s crucial because it protects sensitive information like passwords and credit card numbers and helps improve your website’s trustworthiness and search engine ranking.

  • How Does On-Page SEO Differ from Local SEO?

    On-page SEO involves optimizing individual web pages to rank higher in search engines and involves content quality and keyword usage. Local SEO, on the other hand, focuses on improving your site’s visibility in local search results, which is important for businesses that serve a specific geographic area.

  • Why is Website Speed Important?

    Website speed is crucial because it impacts user experience and search engine rankings. Faster websites are more user-friendly, keeping visitors engaged, and they are often ranked higher by search engines like Google. Slow-loading sites can lead to higher bounce rates as visitors may leave before the content fully loads.

  • What are GDPR and PLPR, and How Do They Affect My Website?

    GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) in the EU and PLPR (Personal Data Protection Law) in KAS are both regulations designed to protect individuals’ privacy and personal data. If your website attracts visitors from these regions or collects personal data from their citizens, compliance with both sets of laws is crucial. GDPR requires clear consent for data collection, robust data security, and transparency in data usage. Similarly, PLPR mandates strict data handling practices to ensure the privacy and security of personal data. Non-compliance with these regulations can lead to significant penalties, making it important for your website to adhere to these international data protection standards.

  • How Do I Access the Admin Panel of My Website?

    To log in to your website’s admin panel, please use the unique login URL provided, as we customize each site’s login address for enhanced security. If you’re unsure of your site’s specific login URL or need login credentials, kindly contact us through the support contact form on this page. Our support team will promptly assist you with access and can set you up as an admin if you’re not already configured. Remember, using the correct login URL is crucial for accessing your site’s admin area securely.

  • How Can I Get Started with WordPress Basics and Editing?

    Our upcoming Nahnu Cloud knowledge base will be your go-to resource for mastering WordPress basics and editing techniques. It will feature a range of how-to guides covering everything from adding new pages to menus, to navigating the media library. Once launched, you can browse through our comprehensive documentation at your leisure.

    If there’s something specific you want to learn that’s not covered, don’t hesitate to reach out to us using the contact form on this page. We’re here to assist with any queries or additional guidance you may need!

  • Why Aren't My Website Edits Visible?

    If you’re not seeing changes you’ve made to your website, it’s likely due to browser caching. This is quite common, especially on pages you visit frequently. The cache stores a version of web pages to speed up future visits, but it can sometimes show an outdated version. The good news is that most new visitors will see the updated content.

    To see your edits, you can force your browser to load the latest version of the page. Here’s how to do a force refresh:

    On a PC, press “Ctrl + Shift + R”.
    On a Mac, press “Command + Shift + R”.

    Alternatively, you can view the page in an incognito window or on a mobile device to check the latest version.

    Additionally, since we use the Flying Press cache plugin on your site, you can clear the site’s cache directly. This action will ensure that the latest version of your webpage is displayed to all visitors.

  • Help! I Accidentally Broke My Site! How Can I Fix It?

    Don’t panic! At Nahnu Cloud, we’ve got you covered with daily backups of your site.

    If something goes wrong – whether it’s a broken site or an accidentally deleted page – simply reach out to our support team through email. Let us know when you first noticed the issue. Our team is equipped to swiftly restore your website to a previous, functioning version. We’ll promptly inform you once your site is back up and running smoothly.

    Remember, we’re here to ensure your website’s stability and to quickly resolve any issues that arise.

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