Keeping it simple


All the service for organizations needs for the technical aspects of their website covered. Focus on your business, we’ll cover the website.
$ 100.00 / month

Unlimited Edits

Our starter plan add-on for unlimited website edits. This plan is ideal for existing websites that regularly need content changed, updated, or added.

$ 300.00 / month

SEO & Marketing

Everything in our basic plan for SEO and Marketing. This plan is ideal for an existing or new business that needs to start working on its SEO and better planning marketing.

$ 1,500.00 / month

Website Design

Starting from scratch or upgrading your site, Website Design packages are done on a per case basis. To get started, send us a message and we can go over your personal requirements. 


Do you offer 24/7 support?

Your website is mission-critical! We are working to add 24/7, 365. At the moment, we monitor your website by pinging it every 60 seconds. If it fails to respond, our team is alerted and we go to work restoring it. 

Do you offer phone support?

Yes! Absolutely! We’re here to serve you via video meeting, screen share, text, and email support.

Are unlimited edits truly unlmited?

We have a one to five day edit time for all edits and you are only able to request one at any giving time. We work to make sure your website is updated in a timely manner. You are able to requests unlimited edits, however, we have a fair use policy. 

Do you have a free trial?

Not at the moment.

What makes you different? Why should I work with you?

We offer a fair price and most reliable way for a business owner not have to worry about their website! 

What happens if I cancel? How do I cancel?

If you decide you no longer want to work with us, we will transfer your files and assets over to you. Any plugins that have been added to your site as part of our service will be removed. Plugins are licensed to Nahnu Fitness and can only be used by clients with whom we maintain an ongoing relationship.