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WooCommerce Product Types

Learn about simple, variable, subscription, and more product options to enhance your online store’s offerings

Types of WooCommerce Products Explained

1. Simple Products:

  • Description: A basic, standalone product without variations. Perfect for items with a fixed price and SKU, such as a singular piece of clothing or an electronic gadget.
  • Use Case: Selling individual items with no options like size or color.

2. Grouped (Bundled) Products:

  • Description: A set of related simple products grouped together to be sold as a bundle. Useful for offering complementary items.
  • Use Case: Selling a set of books or a bundle of kitchen tools.

3. External/Affiliate Products:

  • Description: Products you list and describe on your site but are sold elsewhere. The ‘Buy’ button redirects customers to another site to make the purchase.
  • Use Case: Affiliate marketing or recommending products available on other platforms.

4. Variable Products:

  • Description: Products with variations like size, color, or material, each potentially having different prices or stock levels.
  • Use Case: Selling clothing, where each item comes in different sizes and colors.

5. Subscription Products:

  • Description: Items or services that require recurring payments for ongoing access or delivery.
  • Use Case: Monthly subscription boxes or access to online courses.

6. Downloadable Products:

  • Description: Digital goods that can be downloaded directly from your site, such as e-books, music, or software.
  • Use Case: Selling digital art, e-books, or software packages.

7. Virtual Products:

  • Description: Non-tangible products or services like memberships, services, or online courses.
  • Use Case: Offering online courses, consulting services, or event tickets.

Each product type in WooCommerce serves a specific selling need, offering flexibility in how you present and sell your products online.

Last updated on January 2, 2024

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