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Updating Order Status

Master the process of editing and updating order statuses in WooCommerce, ensuring smooth transaction management.

How to Edit and Update Order Status in WooCommerce

To manage the status of an order:

1. View Orders:

  • Navigate to the ‘Orders’ section in WooCommerce. (See here for help on locating orders.)

2. Access Order Details:

  • Click on any order to view its full details, including billing and shipping addresses, payment method, order date, items ordered, and total.

3. Review Order Notes:

  • Depending on your payment processor, there may be notes on the order in the right sidebar. You also have the option to add your notes.
A screen shot of a screen showing the updated order status with the cancelled payment option.

4. Update Status:

  • Change the order status using the dropdown menu under ‘Status.’ The options include:
    • Pending Payment: Automatic status for orders being filled out.
    • Processing: Automatic status when the payment gateway is processing an order.
    • Failed: Indicates payment issues (e.g., declined payment).
    • Completed: Automatic status for successfully processed orders.
    • On Hold: Manual status for temporarily pausing order processing.
    • Canceled: Indicates orders canceled by customers, sometimes automatic.
    • Refunded: Manual status for orders that have been refunded. (See how to refund an order.)

5. Save Changes:

  • After selecting the new status, save your changes to update the order record.

Note: Properly managing order statuses is key to keeping accurate records and ensuring customer satisfaction. Understanding each status helps you to navigate various scenarios that occur during order processing.

Last updated on January 2, 2024

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