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How to address and investigate payment failures in WooCommerce

What to Do When a Payment Fails and How to Check Why It Failed in WooCommerce Order Notes

1. Access WooCommerce Orders: Log in to your WordPress admin dashboard. Navigate to ‘WooCommerce’ and then click on ‘Orders.’ This section lists all the orders placed on your website.

2. Identify the Failed Payment: When a payment fails in WooCommerce, it’s typically flagged in your order management system. You’ll see the order status marked as ‘Failed.’

3. Check Order Notes for Details: To understand why the payment failed, navigate to the ‘Orders’ section in WooCommerce. Click on the specific order with the failed payment

A screen shot of a screen showing a list of invoices.

4. Review Order Notes: In the order details page, scroll down to the ‘Order Notes’ section. This area provides a log of all actions and changes related to the order, including payment attempts.

5. Look for Error Messages: Within the Order Notes, look for any messages or error codes that occurred during the payment process. These messages often provide clues about the failure, such as issues with the customer’s credit card, problems with the payment gateway, or other transaction errors.

6. Take Necessary Action: Depending on the reason for the failure, you may need to contact the customer to request an alternative payment method, reach out to your payment gateway provider for further assistance, or troubleshoot any technical issues on your site.

7. Inform the Customer: Ensure that you communicate with the customer regarding the payment issue and guide them on how to proceed, whether trying a different payment method or confirming their payment details.

Note: Regularly monitoring and quickly addressing payment failures is crucial for maintaining a smooth checkout experience and customer satisfaction.

Last updated on January 2, 2024

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