How to Add and Clone Products in WooCommerce

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Adding WooCommerce Products

Learn the seamless process of adding or cloning products in WooCommerce. This step-by-step guide ensures product consistency and efficient setup in your online store.

How to Add a New Product or Clone an Existing One in WooCommerce

Login to Your Dashboard

  • Log in to your WordPress dashboard using your unique credentials.

Navigate to Products

  • Select ‘Products’ from the left-hand navigation in your dashboard.

Create New or Clone Existing

  • Add New: Click on ‘Add New’ to start creating a product from scratch.
  • Clone an Existing Product: To clone, hover over an existing product and select ‘duplicate/clone’. A cloned product with “-Draft” in the title will appear. Click on it to modify.
A screen shot of a product page with an arrow pointing to a product.

Basic Product Info

  1. Add the product name.
  2. Write a long description.
  3. Select or add Product categories. Ensure you also select parent categories if applicable.
  4. Add a short product description.
  5. Upload the main Product Image.
  6. Add images to the Product Gallery for additional views.
A screen shot of a website with a blue screen.
A screen shot of a web page showing a number of options.

Detailed Product Info

  • In the ‘Product Data’ section, choose the product type: Simple, Grouped, External, or Variable. Check ‘Virtual’ or ‘Downloadable’ if applicable.
  • General Tab: Enter pricing details (location may vary based on product type).
  • Inventory Tab: Input SKU and stock quantities. For Variable products, use primary SKU or variation SKUs.
  • Shipping Tab: Add Weight and Dimensions. Shipping class is optional unless custom options are set.
  • Linked Products Tab (Optional): Select related/recommended products.
  • Attributes Tab: Add specific product attributes. Use global attributes for common features or create new ones exclusive to the product.

Final Step

  • After filling in all the details, click ‘Update’ or ‘Publish’ to save your product.

Note: To learn more about different WooCommerce product types, click here!

This comprehensive guide is designed to help you efficiently add or clone products in WooCommerce, ensuring your online store remains up-to-date, and your product listings are consistent and well-organized.

Last updated on January 2, 2024

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