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How our clients see 100% of their visitor data with privacy-first, anonymous analytics

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As a business committed to user privacy, we strive to provide simple website analytics software for our clients that continuously demonstrate our commitment to user data safety. Our goal was to offer clients meaningful insights into the performance of their website without compromising their visitors’ experience. We are extended to announce that all hosting plans come with Fathom Analytics. A no-cookie notice analytics technology is an alternative to Google Analytics, which often detracts from user satisfaction.

Navigating the world of analytics can be a difficult task. A seemingly endless array of complicated solutions is available from Google Analytics to third-party options, making it overwhelming for even the most capable website owner. Fathom Analytics offers an easy solution by providing essential metrics in an uncluttered dashboard without compromising user privacy.

Prioritize privacy of users

Fathom Analytics has long been committed to two primary objectives. To prioritize privacy, they anonymize visitor data and adhere to the GDPR, CCPA, and PECR privacy regulations. As a result, Fathom Analytics is considered one of the top Google Analytics alternatives for those prioritizing privacy. Moreover, users do not need to implement GDPR/cookie banners on their websites when utilizing Fathom Analytics.

Website analytics tools have traditionally presented users with voluminous data reports and metrics that may require specialized training or expertise to understand. Now, however, users can utilize a comprehensive dashboard powered by scalable technology to quickly and easily access all the data they need in one place. This simplifies the process of gathering insights for strategic decision-making.

Ad-blockers have seen a massive surge in interest since their inception, beginning with the first extension released in 2002. By 2009, the user base had already hit 20 million, and now they are available to 43% of internet users globally. Ad-blockers are designed to safeguard user privacy, and Fathom; a privacy-first website analytics tool, upholds this same principle. Fathom does not collect personal information or track people across the web and complies with all major global privacy laws. 

To comply with ePrivacy regulations, including the PECR and its implementations in EU member states, Fathom software had to be designed without cookies or cookie-like technology.

Powerful insight with privacy

Fathom Analytics provides the ability to track visits to websites and individual pages. This lets client gain insight into how many visitors view their sites and pages daily. With the implementation of the GDPR, processing personal data such as IP address and User-Agent is not an issue due to the six lawful bases in place. Customers utilizing Fathom Analytics may do so through legitimate interest as long as the data subject is not put at risk and their data is anonymized.

Since its inception, Fathom has always placed a premium on digital privacy. Every feature created is put through careful legal and technical scrutiny to ensure that it adheres to international privacy laws and protects the digital safety of all internet users. This commitment to safeguarding online security is why Fathom has earned a reputation as a leader in the industry.

From the start, Fathom has been committed to upholding digital privacy and related regulations. Consequently, they have never collected any personally identifiable information from visitors, ensuring full compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA), and the Privacy and Electronic Communications Regulation (PECR). Furthermore, they remain devoted to following privacy laws to the fullest extent and were also one of the first to successfully adhere to the Schrems II ruling months before any decision by a European Union Data Protection Authority (EU DPA), which stated that Google Analytics was illegal.

Studies have indicated that customers concerned about privacy need to utilize ad-blockers to prevent Fathom from collecting anonymous pageview data. To maintain this care for privacy while still being able to use the software, Fathom has created a custom domain solution to bypass ad blockers and their associated block lists.

Don’t settle for analytics from only half of your website visitors

Using Google Analytics can lead to the potential loss of 43% of visitor data due to ad blockers, as many perceive the tool to be technically illegal. While many trade-offs are associated with free software such as Google Analytics, the main concern is to collect data from only a portion of your visitors. With Fathom and its custom domain solution, businesses can gain better insights into their website visitors without compromising privacy. This data includes knowledge of where website visitors are coming from, what they are reading, and what they are clicking on and buying. With this service, businesses obtain data on 100% of their website visitors while adhering to various privacy laws.

As previously noted, Fathom and ad-blocker software companies are united in opposing Big Tech’s intrusive and unethical data collection practices. Since Big Tech refuses to recognize companies like Fathom who prioritize user privacy, Fathom has had to develop custom domains as a workaround. Drawing from research on why people use ad-blockers, Fathom is confident in its innovative progress toward circumventing the technology.

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